Delivery Mode

The easiest way to pickup your new orders is at the wave in Cunovo. carries out deliveries of orders in hand through a carrier. Each shipment is accompanied by an Invoice.

Deliveries of products occur only on weekdays.
The goods will be delivered according to the availability of the stock. Once you make an order we will contact you and come back with the approximate delivery date. During the summer there is a higher demand of the boards. Delivery can take up to two months.

Delivery times are indicative and are therefore considered valid when there is no physical or structural impediments (eg, incorrect addresses or mishaps higher force). The amount to pay for shipping,  will be calculated automatically by the system during the ordering process.
In case of late order delivery, an investigation will be made with the carrier, which may take a few days services. The customer must contact at or call us at : +421 904 108 781 and during this period no refund can be made, it will be checked and confirmed if there has been any disappearance of the order.


The customer has the right, upon the receipt of their order, to open the package, check if the product is in accordance with what was asked and that the goods do not show any external defects.
In case the product is not the one that was requested or shows visible defects, advises the customer to return it and  send it to


Bc. Jozef Vengloš

V záhradách 2032/12
Bratislava-Staré Mesto

Please also send an email to within 24 hours indicating the problem.

In respect of supplies made by the carrier that the package has not been verified, the customer will have 24 hours to point out the problem to our Customer Service via email.

Any problem should be reported at time of delivery. Once the package delivered by the carrier to is not responsible for any problems resulting from transport.

Please note that will be obliged to refuse any request for refund or replacement (right of withdrawal) for products that have external defects which have been accepted by our customers on delivery. The right of withdrawal remains valid for cases of defects that are detected by the customer upon delivery and in accordance with the terms provided by law.
Things to do at the time of delivery:
1. Verify that the package is in perfect condition.
2. Open the package asking the carrier to wait for the scan (this is a right of the client).
3. Verify that the product conforms to the request made and it shows no visible defects. In case you do all accordingly, accept delivery.
4. If there is any non-compliance, an error in the requested product or a visible defect, you should receive the order, note the problem with the person of the delivery company and communicate via email to immediately.
In order to avoid any delays please always verify your entered data at the moment of your purchase. Especially the following data is crucial:
– E-mail address;
– Phone number so we can contact you anytime of the day.
– Address of delivery, where a you are available to receive your order.