at Demon we mainly use PU and EPS blanks from US Blanks. We believe that this is currently the best option for river surfing. The reason being the occurrence of rocks, woods and even concrete riverbeds which destroy your board so easily. With the PU blanks, we found out that the water will not be sucked into to your board after you make a small ding. This way you do not have to worry about your board getting heavy. Even with a bigger ding you can finish off your session and repair the board later.

Fin System

Fusion is the strongest pre-glass system on the market. This is achieved by incorporating a figure eight outline which provides constant curves to prevent the straight line shearing that fibreglass is prone to. We incorporated a high density foam foundation under the plug to dramatically increase the impact resistance and break strength, while providing a solid base so the plug does not rotate or sink into the foam. FCS Fusion has proven to be the lightest pre-glass fin system available. Minimising the installed weight of the system ensures the natural balance of the board is never compromised.


we took great attention in finding the best cloth for our boards. Our goal is to have the lightest possible and strongest board. We use 125 g/m2 fibreglass cloth and for the bullet-proof rails and fin plug enforcements, our special innegra-carbon cloth proved almost impossible to break. If you wish to use cloth like carbon, aramid, innegra or any other just let us know and we make a custom for you.


we use two layers of 125 g/m2 fibre cloth on the top of the board and one layer on the bottom of the board. Innegra-carbon cloth is being used for our bullet-proof rails and fin plug enforcements.


all our boards have a sanded matt finish. We can also make a glossed finish upon request.

Own Design

your board can look exactly as you want it. Just drop us an email with your design and we will put it on your board.